Demon Hunter Books 1-3

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Chosen (Book 1)

Possessed by the very evil he swore to destroy, time is running out for Ben’s soul.

Haunted by voices he thought he had medicated away, Benjamin Robinson returns to the mansion on the hill where “the incident” in Oakwood Valley had originally occurred. To the same place where he lost all of his friends but one to a dark demonic presence.

In an effort to rid himself from the darkness once and for all, he sets the mansion aflame. But unbeknownst to him, the fire has freed the very demon he was trying to kill. Now it’s looking for a new host.


Now Ben must find a way to kill the demon that lives inside, before his soul is consumed by the same darkness that stole the lives of his childhood friends.

Fans of Shayne Silvers and Bella Forrest will devour CHOSEN, a supernatural suspense/thriller!

Grab your copy today to find out whether Ben becomes another pawn to the demon of Oakwood Valley School for Boys.

Born Again (Book 2)

Out of all the things Ben Robinson could call himself, “Demon Hunter” is on the top-five list of things that make him sound crazy. But he’s not. Neither is the undead spirit of his childhood friend Ian, who now inhabits Ben’s body and links him to the spirit world—and Ben hasn’t told anyone about it.

Peter has found a way to blend arcane, demon-summoning magic into conveniently modern technology. April dreams about the future and is probably the only reason they’re still alive. When Chase joins their unlikely group, he’s almost the sanest one among them—except for the fact that he can’t stop hacking the dark web.

When Ben gets repeat packages of demon-battling artifacts, their usefulness almost outweighs the creepiness of being sent by an anonymous source. It’s not like Ben needs another mystery weighing on his mind—like if this person is stalking him or how many of his secrets the unnamed benefactor has already dug up. But he can’t say no to the help, especially when he’s getting so good at sending these demons back to the realm they were never meant to leave in the first place.  

The Fell (Book 3)

What happens when your demon-hunting skills get noticed by the world’s oldest, most efficiently hidden secret society? Ben Robinson has no idea, and it’s driving him nuts.

When the anonymous benefactor who’s been sending Ben and his friends packaged artifacts invites them to a meet and greet, he reveals the secret society that’s been watching them kick demon butt for months. It shouldn’t be possible, but this ancient league already knows about Ian’s undead spirit cohabiting in Ben’s body, which makes Ben a commodity they will do anything to bring into their ranks.

On top of all this, things with April haven’t gotten that much friendlier, Peter’s getting way too sensitive about secrets, and Ben has to literally blackmail Chase just to keep him from … well, being himself. Plus, this secret society has made them an offer they can’t refuse, but Ben’s not quite sure his conscience will let him accept. 

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