The Fell

What happens when your demon-hunting skills get noticed by the world’s oldest, most efficiently hidden secret society? Ben Robinson has no idea, and it’s driving him nuts.

When the anonymous benefactor who’s been sending Ben and his friends packaged artifacts invites them to a meet and greet, he reveals the secret society that’s been watching them kick demon butt for months. It shouldn’t be possible, but this ancient league already knows about Ian’s undead spirit cohabiting in Ben’s body, which makes Ben a commodity they will do anything to bring into their ranks.

On top of all this, things with April haven’t gotten that much friendlier, Peter’s getting way too sensitive about secrets, and Ben has to literally blackmail Chase just to keep him from … well, being himself. Plus, this secret society has made them an offer they can’t refuse, but Ben’s not quite sure his conscience will let him accept. 

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