Knock Knock

How do you kill a demon?

101 Wry Road is the oldest standing house in Sycamore Valley; a small neighborhood with quiet, simple folk who never get into trouble. The mansion sits on a hill overlooking giant rose bushes so tall they could have been trees.

For thirty years the house lay untouched as nature ran its course. Locals say the man who used to live there went crazy after his wife and only son died. People think his ghost haunts the place and that on cold nights, when the giant oak tree that extends across the road swings in the wind, you can hear him crying. Some claim they have seen him sitting on the balcony petting his black cat, humming to the moon. Of course no one can prove it.

The neighborhood kids take turns ding-dong-ditching the house. It’s the right of passage. They run up to the house, knock on the door, and see who can stand on the porch the longest without peeing themselves. They always run home screaming.

There has never been an incident in Sycamore Valley until July 4, 1991 when three kids went missing. This is the story of ten friends who knocked on the wrong door, at the wrong time, on the wrong night.

And so the legend of the Knock-Knock Man was born.